Eko Atlantic City emerges as a visionary metropolis, offering residents and businesses a dynamic environment to thrive. Nestled adjacent to Victoria Island and Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria, this privately funded project features independent infrastructure, yachting marinas, and a dedicated Business District. With proximity to essential amenities and a designated Free Zone, it facilitates seamless living and robust commerce. From breathtaking views to innovative office spaces, Eko Atlantic embodies a realm where aspirations flourish into tangible achievements.


Eko Atlantic City isn’t just a place to live or work—it’s a vibrant ecosystem where dreams come to life. With breathtaking views, an aura of tranquility, and a thriving business environment, everyday living becomes an extraordinary experience at Eko Atlantic. Whether you’re a dynamic startup or an established corporate entity, Eko Atlantic offers the ideal setting for growth, innovation, and success. Situated adjacent to Victoria Island and Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria, this visionary project offers a plethora of amenities and opportunities for residents and businesses alike. Here’s a closer look at what Eko Atlantic has to offer:

Enjoy efficient independent infrastructural facilities, ensuring uninterrupted services.

Benefit from independent power supply and water treatment and supply systems, guaranteeing reliability and sustainability.

Experience seamless living with a meticulously planned subterranean infrastructure, optimising space and functionality.

Eko Atlantic City provides a dedicated Business District, providing a conducive environment for growth and innovation.

Access two yachting marinas connected by an internal canal system, catering to the needs of maritime enthusiasts.

Find convenience with close proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and recreational facilities.

Enjoy hassle-free living with city-wide maintenance and management services, ensuring cleanliness and orderliness.

Capitalise on the benefits of operating in a designated Free Zone, fostering business growth and economic development.

Navigate the city seamlessly with a well-planned road network, facilitating smooth transportation.

Stay connected with a city-wide fibre optic network, ensuring super-fast internet connectivity for residents and businesses alike.

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