We create residences that epitomise opulence within Nigeria’s emerging coastal metropolis.


Our mission is to redefine luxury home construction, offering unparalleled opulence without the exorbitant fees commonly associated with developers. 

We are committed to maintaining the utmost standards of service and quality while continuously exploring innovative ideas and technologies to streamline the building process and ensure our buyers experience the epitome of luxury without compromise.


We work to set the gold standard in the market for luxury homes and lifestyle experiences. Our commitment lies in crafting residences that epitomise elegance, catering to the most discerning tastes in a distinctive and upscale manner.

We pledge to employ the most efficient strategies for targeted outreach, reaching the pinnacle of affluence and sophistication in luxury real estate. Our unwavering dedication is to deliver unparalleled quality in homes and real estate services, ensuring our buyers and investors receive nothing short of excellence. 



Tosin Soile- CEO

Tosin boasts over a decade in telecommunications, six years in banking, and eight years in real estate development. With 16 years of astute business management, he excels in overseeing operations, policy formulation, and fostering effective communication. His proactive approach to real estate has led to the successful completion of multiple projects in Lagos. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos and a Master’s in Information Technology Security from the University of Westminster UK, Tosin embodies technical expertise and strategic acumen, driving excellence in every endeavor.

Ugo Dre

Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu- Director

Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu, also known as Ugodre, brings over two decades of expertise spanning financial management, corporate finance, strategy, marketing, digital media, and investor relations. As Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Ikeja Electric and founder of Nairametrics, he delivers insightful talks on financial literacy, the Nigerian economy, and technology. Recognized for his contributions, Ugo holds fellowships with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Institute of Marketers in Nigeria, showcasing his global influence and dedication to empowering others in finance.


Delivering visionary projects that redefine luxury living.

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